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To get the most affective use out of a search engine, type in the person's name in between quotes, i.e., "Bob Smith". Most search engines will pull webpages that have this phase within it. There are some engines, however, that will pull sites with both the name Bob and the name Smith somewhere within the site. These are the sites that I avoid because I find them useless for my purposes. Scroll down and see what search engine appeals to you. Go ahead and search for yourself. It can be very interesting to see what kind of hits you get out of a search engine.

One Blink was the first "one stop shopping" search engines that I found on the internet. It is easy to use and is a good starting point for people who are just starting to "sleuth". Give it a try: One Blink

Savvy Search was a great find. Once I found it, I learned about Usenet (used to search newsgroups). Lots of different specialty searches available from this search engine: SavvySearch

Search A-Z Online is another mega search engine. This engine is great and I use it as my standard search engine. This engine will search numerous engines at once and it has an option to switch to Usenet after the other searches are done and will search there too. It's worth a try: Search A-Z Online

C4 has recently pulled up some websites that no other search engine has found for me. Remember to use your quotes around phases: C4

Beaucoup is easy to use, but I wouldn't rate it too highly. It will pick-up some hits on a search, but not as many as those listed above: Beaucoup

I haven't used LocoSeek too often, but it looks very easy to use and picked up quite a few hits on my regular searches: LocoSeek

Profusion is quite good, although it takes a few clicks with the mouse to set things up before you search. However, it found the relevant sites on the items I entered for the search: Profusion

Mamma claims to be the "Mother Of All Search Engines", but I'm not impressed. You can give it a try if you'd like, but it missed a lot of stuff I've found on other search engines:

Jayde is not one of my favorites. You have to submit your site to this search engine. Which means it will not pick-up many hits. Jayde

DMOZ Open Directory is another search engine where you have to submit your site. Your website is checked by humans and catagorized. You don't get a lot of hits on your searches, but they're more accurate when you do. DMOZ Open Directory

You may have seen the advertisements for Ask Jeeves on television. This search engine will look for websites pertaining to questions that you ask Jeeves. I don't know how it works, but I like it! Ask Jeeves

This one actually charges a fee to submit your website. Needless to say, you don't get too many hits on your searches. If you ask me, quite a waste of time. Go To

The search engines that are listed below are stand-alone engines. They are all covered above in some of the better mega search engines. They're all very good, but I find using "one-stop-shopping" engines are more efficient.

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