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After many years of on-line sleuthing, I have decided to bring together some of the most helpful resources for searching and sleuthing on the net. This website is designed for the beginner "sleuther" who wants to have a little fun searching for people, long lost friends or relatives.

Let's visit some of the best search engines. If you can't find what you're looking for with any of these engines, the individual you're looking for probably isn't very "computer savvy" and hasn't left their mark on the internet. OR, the person you're looking for is VERY "computer savvy" and knows how to evade detection.


Usenet is a search engine designed for newsgroups. There are a couple of different entities that have this feature. "Remarq" and "Deja". In my opinion, Deja is the best by far due to its large archive.


Public Records are a very interesting place to look up people. There are many different public record websites and once you get comfortable doing general searches in the standard search engines, you will be able to find many public records locations for you to use. Some are free and some are pay services. You can spend a lot of money doing public records searches, however, I found the free searches are just as interesting and enlightening! I'd suggest starting with KnowX. They have both pay and free searches to get you started.


Finding someone's e-mail address can be extremely easy if they have registered with a directory such as WhoWhere or BigFoot. Some e-mail search engines have a reverse directory if you only have an e-mail address from which to go on. But, I have found an e-mail search engine that found one of my e-mail addresses that I didn't have published anywhere! Come visit my e-mail page for further information:


As I continue my efforts to find the "perfect" search engine, I will revise this information. Please stay tuned.

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