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Finding someone's e-mail address can be extremely easy if they have registered with a directory such as WhoWhere or BigFoot. Some e-mail search engines have a reverse directory if you only have an e-mail address from which to go on.

Mesa E-Mail Address Finder is the GREAT E-mail directory. This "one-stop-shopping" e-mail search engine found one of my e-mail addresses which I never submitted to any of the standard directories. I use it all the time. Mesa E-Mail Address Finder

My E-Mail Address Is (yes, that's the name of it) is another site which will search several directories at once. This one brings up a separate window for each directory it's searching. It's a little different, but it works quite well. My Email Address Is

You should try your search on each individual site below. You never know which e-mail directory your subject has registered with, and not all of them are covered by the mega search engines above.


Excite E-Mail Look-up

FindMe E-mail


Internet Address Finder



Yahoo E-mail

ICQ E-mail

Infospace E-mail

AOL/Netfind E-mail

Worldpages E-mail

World E-mail

411 Locate


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